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A computer network is a set of computer systems linked to each other for the purpose of sharing resources. Networks are usually recognized based on their characteristics. Availing professional computer network assignment help is the finest way to get better grades. We provide computer networks and IT assignment help from our technical team who are well-qualified in this field.


Functions of computer networks


Computer network is used to link the different computer users within the defined parameters. The chief functions of computer networks are to store, update, share and classify data. The networks are used to:

  • Facilitate communication via email, video conferencing, instant messaging etc
  • Allow multiple users to share a single hardware device like a printer or scanner
  • Enable file sharing across the network
  • Allow sharing of software or operating programs on remote systems
  • Make the information easier to access and maintain among network users.


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Our experts have answered that there are certain devices that help to set up computer network. In order to provide you hint of these devices, they have listed few:

  • Network cables
  • Distributors
  • Router
  • Basic DHCP Server
  • Network card
    1. Internal network card
    2. External network card
  • USB(Universal Serial Bus)


Important concepts of Computer Networking


Thetutorhelp experts are highly qualified in networking concepts, and we always look forward to helping you in difficult topics given below:

  • Introduction to networks and layered architecture.
  • Transmission media and topology
  • Routing algorithms
  • IPV4 and IPV6
  • Congestion control techniques
  • Network management and security


Apart from the above mentioned topics, our experts are also comfortable with the topics, such as Circuit switching and packet switching, Wireless communications, Data communication concepts, data link layer, layer 2 switches and ATM switches, SONET/SDH, Medium access control, Internetworking and WAN etc.


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